1. We are offering Soundcode Sessions to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the client.

Some examples:

Organs: The Soundcodes for the organs are supportive helpful tools in healing, self healing and regeneration of specific organs. They are very powerful and yet not meant to be a substitute for medical care. They offer information of a healthy function of the main organs in the body of humans as well as mammals. And more than that: these Soundcodes are informing the system: body, mind and soul about the original functioning of the organs, before we started the process of disconnecting from the Source. Originally the organs had the capacity of communication and connecting with the organs of other people or/and animals. A healthy organ would be able to inform another body about a healthily functioning and connect it to the Source, the Source being one specific planetary energy for each organ.

Meridians: The Soundcodes for the meridians will help the body to recognize blockages in the flow of energy and to be able to deal with them. They will be helpful in supporting the healthy function of the meridians. There is more to be experienced through these Soundcodes as well, since there is a specific communication happening through the meridians already, that is mostly dormant though and can become active again through the Soundcodes being given to the system. It is possible to exchange specific information about health, harmony and connection to the Source through the meridians, also with other humans and animals.

We also work with universal Soundcodes to support you in your inner growth-processes and for letting go of old limiting patterns and self-imposed blockages.

If you are interested, you can get into contact with a practitioner nearby.

If you are ready for online sessions as well, you can ask any of the practitioners to work with you or even go to Elisabeth U.H. Westermann herself. Her e-Mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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2. Online Group Sessions with Elisabeth U.H. Westermann

Elisabeth is offering online group sessions with Soundcodes on  a regular basis, usually on Sundays. These sessions have a very powerful effect on the systems of the listeners.

Let her talk to you directly:
„Group-sessions are for experiencing and supportive self-care.  You will be a client, getting a group treatment by me. I will be using a specific set of Soundcodes for every session, that would be helpful for the specific subject matter these sessions are advertised to run under. I have experienced them as being very powerful and helpful tools in various different fields of life. Enjoy, if you would like to! Each session runs 1 to 1 ½ hours the most.“
Right now she is offering sessions for:

  • Optimizing the possible function of all organs and glands in the body by informing the system to exchange limiting information for comprehensive information.
  • Re-awakening the 13 strands of our human DNA
  • Optimizing the flow through the meridians by informing the system to exchange limiting information for comprehensive information.

More subject matters will follow.
For more information go to upcoming events


Elisabeth Westermann is singing Soundcodes in Boston November 2014

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